$10k Google Ads experiment that failed.

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Google Ads was never a great channel for Lemon.io.

We get leads from branded and competitors alternatives keywords. Other than that, all other experiments failed.

Nevertheless, in September, we've decided to give it another try and hired a PPC freelancer to run a $10k experiment.

They did the research and offered to target generic keywords like "(technology) developer", "app devs", "full-stack" devs, etc.

Google Ads report spreadsheet

Result - $7,496 per qualified lead

$14,133 spent

  • $7,496 - experiment
  • $4,755 - competitors keywords (was working before the experiment)
  • $1,882 - consultant fees

34 booked calls

10 qualified leads.

  • 9 - ad group "Competitors"
  • 1 - the experiment


My assumption that when founders are looking for developers they:

  • look for referrals in their network, investors, peers, etc.
  • turn to top-of-mind platforms
  • go back to conversations with firms that cold-emailed them before
  • try to remember options they saw in ads

... and if everything else didn't work, they'd google Python Devs.

So next year we'll use ads only to retarget users who visited our website before and distribute content.

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