2021 goal: grow from $2.7m to $10m

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This is basically what I wanted to share this week.

Our GMV in 2020 was $2.7m. In 2021 we plan to grow it to $10m.

Some of our systems and processes are not ready for exponential growth. In Q1 we'll concentrate on that.

Company-level OKRs for Q1

1. Prepare the systems for the exponential growth

  • Finished main development blockers (CRM, charging system, optimize UI)
  • Prepared analytical system and set up tracking
  • Defined KPIs for Q2

2. Fill the tanks with money

  • GMV 900k
  • Take rate 25% and higher

3. Pump up the brand

  • Define and start measuring brand loyalty metrics among clients by March
  • Define and start measuring brand loyalty metrics among freelancers by March
  • Find and launch 3 experimental channels for brand awareness
  • Touch freelancers 14 times, don’t use the same channel more than 3 times

What are your goals for 2021? Share with me a@lemon.io

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