Building in public WORKS

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When Shaan Puri and Ben Levy said I should build in public to attract clients, my first thought was...

...who is going to read my crap?

But I did it anyway:

  • This weekly newsletter
  • Sporadic Twitter
  • Sharing content in communities like Trends on FB, My First Million Podcast FB group, SaaS Growth Hacks, etc.
  • A liiiiiiittle bit of LinkedIn

In the beginning, I didn't receive any attention, which was disappointing. But step by step it started to compound:

  • Jan vs Aug: GMV – $337k ($210k), revenue $85k ($49k), net rev $21k ($1.5k)
  • I generate 5+ qualified leads per week for my sales team
  • I receive 2 emails from VC's per week
  • I've been invited to 2 popular pods: with Natan Latka and one other that I'll announce in a few weeks.

This is just with 800 Twitter followers and 700 opened emails/week. Imagine when I 10x or 100x my audience!

Goal by the end of March:

2. Grow my Twitter following to 3k. The most interesting conversation started there. Plan:

  • Be active in threads of popular account
  • Tweeting 5+ times a day
  • Engaging newsletter subscribers to follow on Twitter

2. Newsletter - 1400 opens / week. Plan:

  • Share summaries of articles on Reddit
  • Share summaries of articles in FB and Slack communities
  • Share previews of articles on LinkedIn
  • Launch a tutorial on branding for startups

If this encourages you to start sharing your knowledge publicly, don’t hesitate and reply back with questions.

Next week I’ll share more information about one of the channels. Which one is the most interesting to you?

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