How to get more leads from SEO landing pages (advice from conversion copywriter)

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A couple of months ago we started creating landing pages to drive visitors that are looking for engineers in Google. For better rankings, we’ve created copy-heavy pages.

For example, this page perform well in search after just a few weeks

Positions in Google

but conversion is low compared to other landing pages

Joanna Bain (Wiebe), a founder of Copy Hackers, gave great advice on the ways we can better convert visitors on that page.

  • How to move visitors from solution aware to product aware by the end of the page. You need to give enough but not too much information to get them converted.
  • “List, offer, copy” framework.
  • How to hook readers at the very beginning. SEO copy doesn’t do that well.
  • Instead of solving “Google problems,” we should reflect potential customer’s problems in the copy.
  • The buttons don’t look like buttons. Make them clickable and add action words, like “hire” or “get.”
  • Treat the top of the page copy as a separate landing page. Reframe it and make the target audience’s problem clearer.
  • Don’t use banners.
  • Don’t use multiple offers on the page. Optimize only for only one action you want the user to take.
  • Add one more section where you talk only about your product.

Here is the full video of her review. I hope you can apply this advice to your landing pages.

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