It's been so long, I've missed you

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My dear friends,

I have to be honest with you.

The last time I wrote you was almost 7 weeks ago. And I can make so many excuses: "I was on a 3-week trip to the US" or "I was focused on helping my team to hire."

But in reality, once you skip a week, it's hard to come back. After a few, it's almost impossible. And I'll do my best to get back to weekly updates.

Here is what I've been up to:


GMV in February was $376k, remember? Mar = $436k and Apr = $512k 🤯

Mind-blowing. Just in 1 year we grew from $204 to $512k monthly GMV.


We've spent an enormous amount of time on hiring. 3 new people in April and 2 more are joining right now.

The craziest thing, that we have 7 open positions and I hope to fill them before the end of Q2.


Chicago was fun.

Denver is so beautiful, nature, the sun, the mountains. Just WOW

Houston was warm and I've experienced southern hospitality.

New York was ugly and beautiful, too much and peaceful at the same time.

Not finishing the mini-course on branding

Yup, still working on it. As with the newsletter, after a pause, I need to discipline myself to finish it.

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