Strategy advise from Chris Bakke (3x exits to Indeed, Zillow, and Knotel)

• 1 min read

This week I want to share with you a 20-minute call I had with Chris Bakke, where he gave amazing advice on strategy for

Chris has founded Interviewed (acquired by Indeed), 42 Floors (acquired by Knotel), and RentJuice (acquired by Zillow). Now he uses all this outstanding experience to help businesses solve problems at

During the call, we spoke about:

  • Whether we should hire engineers internally instead of offering freelancers.
  • how to grow the conversion rate of the intros between engineers and clients
  • Different business models and our pricing strategy
  • Retaining clients and engineers after they finish a project

I regularly ask for advice from entrepreneurs like Chris.

Should I share future calls like this?

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