[progress update] Nov - Jan: 20% growth, 4 new hires, and opening to new countries.

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I started being active on Twitter and will be sharing monthly progress in this tweet.

Follow along!

Let's compare November - January stats to the previous 3-months period.

GMV and revenue: increased by 21%

54 new contracts: rose by 20%

  • November - 11
  • December - 22
  • January - 21

Acquisition channels: Podcast and SEO leading 2 quarters in a raw.

  • Google organic - 26%
  • Podcast - 26%
  • Google Ads - 17%
  • Product Hunt - 7%
  • Referral - 6%
  • Quora - 5%
  • Other - 13%

Net profit of $21k goes to hiring and scaling the supply


In January we hired 4 people.

  • Head of sales
  • 2 engineers
  • Recruiter for talent acquisition team.

Now we are a 19-people team and actively hiring for marketing, recruiting, and sales roles.

Scaling supply.

We have at least 30% more projects than available engineers. For now, we work only with Ukrainian developers and it’s getting harder to grow.

In February and March, we will heavily advertise on Facebook, buy more local ads, and open to engineers in new countries.

On the right track

One of our objectives for Q1: Fill the tanks with money

  • GMV 900k
  • Take rate 25% and higher

In January we did $337k GMV with a 25% take rate. Reaching $900k and even $1m looks like no brainer.

Do you think we can hit $1.2m in Q1?

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